Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Hello there! my name is Daniel Hill, and i am currently undertaking my third and final year of Game Art! Though this isn't my first blog, for those of you that didn't follow me on my old one that followed me through first and second years here's a brief introduction on myself. 

I'm a long time student of Graphic Design, who decided to take a stab at Game Design and seems to be paying off so far. My inspirations range from Japanese watercolour traditional artwork and Lego, to Character Design and Star Wars.... the range is pretty massive, and has led me down a route of favouring characters, the study of life drawing, and imaganeering worlds with their own unique setting and history.

Some examples of recent life drawing studies, one of the things I've constantly practiced over the years. 

I'm a sucker for traditional media, and despite getting more into digital painting over the course of university, my heart still lies in the pens and brushes i favour.... nothing quite matches the feeling of finishing something traditional compared to the likes of finishing something in Photoshop. 
I'm gunning for a career in Illustration/Character design, and although my 3D modelling and engine skills have a come a long way in such a short space of time, my passion will always lie in 2D artwork and the creation of it. This year ill definitely be concentrating on putting together a really strong 2D Portfolio, focusing on characters.... which is why for my Final Major Project I'm looking at creating a range of characters based around the theme of 'Old Robots'. Really want to put the emphasis on 'character' for this, so I'm looking towards influences such as Pixar and Dreamworks for their great methods used in their character creation and storytelling through their creations. My progress through this project will be updated here, throughout the rest of the year through research, to concepting to final build.... i cant wait to get stuck in! :D

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