Saturday, 7 December 2013

Level Design ~Rooftop Project

Initial Vision and concept art of my rooftop level 
Screenshot of Final Rooftop level running in Engine (UDK)
This project tasked us with creating an interactive level based on the theme of a 'rooftop', and taking the freedom of this project to its fullest, i based my own idea around a stylized science fiction setting. Looking at inspirations such as The Fifth Element, Star Wars, The Ratchet and Clank series, as well as themes of Futurism and Industrialism, i used all of these aspects to build up the look and feel of my rooftop. A main focus with this project since the outset, was a level that had a definitive start and finish, and by focusing on player progression throughout, i have been able to achieve that.

The basis and setting for my level, is that of a futuristic traffic control building; On the roof is a robotic satellite, which are used in my level's world to get the maximum signal to other planets, and they travel on their legs between buildings when necessary. In my level, one of these devices has broken down, and its your job as the player to gain access to the roof from the interior hangar, and reach the peak of the level and 
the robot's interior. 
This project allowed me to utilize various interactive and dynamic elements, as well as all of the assets and textures I created and hand painted from scratch, such as various lights, fog, particle effects in the form of smoke, animated doors and climbable ladders. Also parallax mapping was used for the windows, to give the illusion of depth. 

Considering my love and preferred medium of 2D art, this first project back was actually massively enjoyable, and i think the fact of how much fun and freedom i was able to have during it, has meant the outcome being probably one of the most interesting and impressive so far. There were a few aspects to it i didn't get to work in time, such as a hand painted sky box and populating the roof with a wider variety of assets, but in the most part got the majority of things done in time and to a degree im really proud to have achieved. 

This is the fly-through of my level, Running in Engine, following the path taken by the player. Enjoy!

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