Tuesday, 17 December 2013

RUST ~Final Major Project~ Sketches

I came up with a neat idea to kick off my concepting work now that i have a set of solid research done into my chosen direction for my FMP, and even though this research will be ongoing throughout the project I feel like I have a good set of solid ideas to begin with. I thought I could aim to do a page of doodles every-time i get the chance to, every day if possible, so at the end I'll have this wide range of varied thumbnail sketches i can develop into my final designs and narrow down into the three main characters. 
After recently looking through the sketchbooks of various illustrators and character artists I've fallen in love with sketching with the pen again, and so have made use of this in my thumbnails.... nothing beats the rough and energetic forms of ink sketches in my opinion, and I hope to get the best ideas and forms in my robots I'll doodle in this way.

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