Friday, 21 February 2014

RUST ~Final Major Project~ Character #02 Concept Development

Idea's developed for my second 'Gentle Giant 'character. ''Ancient war droid. In opposition to his dominating appearance, is actually extremely sensitive and lacks confidence in most situations. Due to his intimidating appearance giving him a lack of a proper 'face', this has led to a complex in which he combats by creating various masks for himself''. Following on from my previous workflow of sketches for the first character, I have also created an initial idea from the things I'd like to see in the 'gentle giant' character design, and then looking at different styles of head and face, or for this particular character different styles of masks he could wear to cover his actual face.
I really like the idea of the masks that this character creates, of them being really crudely made, maybe even out of something flimsy like cardboard then with a face drawn on with crayon to show the innocent and contrasting nature of this old war droid. The mask itself is something I really want to develop further as I cant come to a final conclusion with his basic one, though there are a few ideas here that I do like. 
The overall design of this character I'm really happy with though, I think the hulking size and mis-matched symmetry really fits his origins as an old war droid, battered and cobbled together from ancient wars he once fought in. I really like the tattered sort of 'loin cloth', gives him a sort of barbarian look and maybe hints to his old design (or maybe was added himself? and extra layer to his timid nature perhaps). 
Also, with the colour scheme I thought crimson or red adds that danger aspect that would be used as the base colour of war robot units, as a visual signifier to the robots purpose as a killing machine. I chose a sort of washed-out gold as the secondary colour, to add and extra layer to this droids past: maybe the addition of gold was a clue to his rank? maybe a commander or part of a royal guard maybe? 
Working out what sort of masks is my next port of call with this character, to see what would fit him best. Also experimenting with various surface detail, and artwork mockups with him in is another thing i need to do. 

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