Friday, 21 February 2014

RUST ~Final Major Project~ Character #03 Concept Development

Initial design work for my third and final character, the 'eccentric mad scientist'  ''an old series data processing droid, he has modified himself over the centuries to become super intelligent past his factory standard parameters. Due to this he has become a self-taught inventor of numerous devices, and loves meddling in the construction of his fellow robots''. Having a clear intention of how i wanted his body to be like (wheelchair bound, attached to heavy machinery where he has modified himself), again i put my design focus to testing out how various faces would look like, wanting to really show off the crazy/eccentric character. 
I decided on bypassing the designs that focused on an extension on the head, as even though they gave a great impression of a 'genius scientist' sort of character I found that the sort of 'manic old man' seemed to give him greater character and definitely portrayed his eccentric nature. I wanted the type of non-symmetrical design to be most apparent in this character in particular, as he is obsessed with bettering himself and other through modifications and tinkering and I wanted this to be obvious to look at him. Areas such as having one eye larger with added magnifier to examine things, and even added a whole extension to his body full of added memory units and other devices to improve his mental capacity... which he utilises to invent newer, and crazier inventions. 
I liked aspects of both initial designs, so decided on combining elements from both, so the second design has the extra arm implemented into his body extension. Though I am happy with the overall design of the third character there are still areas i will tweak once I reach the modelling stage with him, such as scale on the wheels and machinery attached to the back of him; I think by enlarging it, it will show off just how much he has modified himself, by making his actual body appear diminutive in size. 
Also, as with all of these droids, their age is apparent by their original paintwork having peeled and rusted over, more so with those like this guy who is constantly messing with his design. because of this, I decided to make the pipes and tubes visible throughout his body glow with an unknown liquid, possibly coolant maybe something of his own design to greatly improve his abilities? either way, the glow of it acts as a point of interest against the more realistic browns and discoloured metal of his actual body. Other ares like this such as the lights on him and his glowing eyes, act as areas to break up the colour scheme. 

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