Saturday, 26 April 2014

RUST: Final Major Project ~ Modelling Leo

To begin with, I created Leo's Head and chest to make his bust: Because his 'head' is not so much a head as a cylindrical sensor cluster at the front of his torso, his anatomy is definitely more machine like than Sprocket's more human-like features, and so takes more time adapting from my original concepts into 3D as I plan out where all his components will be. There was quite a few areas of specialized shapes on this character, the main one being his torso plate covering. I made the 'shoulders' larger than original to exaggerate his looming frame. 
In Leo's design he has a largely smooth surfaced design, with lots of curves and rounded components, and so when part of his body is more angular it tends to stand out: This is the case with the barrel of the laser cannon that rests on his back. Because the shape isn't consistent with the rest of his body its stands out, and your eye is instantly aware of this.... This isn't a design choice I initially had any in depth thought about, but during the modelling process this idea became more obvious and a good way to make the parts of Leo stand out that needed to. 

The features on the limbs are exaggerated, with overly large hands and feet to show off Leo's power and size, so I paid careful attention when modelling them to make the arms seem like they were build sturdy enough to power the hands, but also be dwarfed by them. Also, Ill be cloning his arm design over to his other side but it will need some heavy editing as his limbs are noticeably different in scale and shape to each other than Sprocket's were.

Working on the legs now: The design and shape of both of his legs are largely the  same with some differing smaller detail, but It will be easier and more time effective to clone them over. Also with Limb's starting to shape up, I began to manipulate them about to see how they would move once rigged. Also, I thought that at this stage he looked rather tall on his legs , which I think is just down to the fact that his legs aren't posed and bent at the knee yet, His posture is very slouched to show his character and heavy frame. 

Once the legs were finished, I manipulated them into a sort of pose to give me a sense of Leo's overall scale and limb size in comparison to the rest of him. I shrunk some areas and parts of his legs to make sure they seemed diminutive to his upper body, but still thick and sturdy enough to hold his weight.

Final Mesh for Leo: Really happy with how Leo's mesh has turned out! spent a long time tweaking the scale of various parts to make sure he comes across as a giant war machine. Once I make a few props for him, more of his gentle and delicate personality will be obvious, with his mask's he wears to cover his lack of a face.

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