Thursday, 1 May 2014

RUST Final Major Project ~ Modelling Steinton

Out of all of my characters, Steinton Probably has the most detail in his head, though bears many resemblances to the design of Sprocket (Hinged jaw, large eyes, etc). Because of the amount of detail around his mouth as it just allowed me to trace out the jagged 'teeth' that are around the lip of his jaw, and that contribute to his cranky appearance. In opposition to the other two characters anatomical style (Sprocket: Based off regular human anatomy. Leo: Over sized and hulking upper body), Steinton has a more diminutive body style but with a larger designed head, to show off his character as an 'eccentric genius' archetype.  This made getting the scale of both his head and body to look right tricky, as I didn't want to stray too far from the exaggerated look I was going for. 

The body itself has a curved look, as the top half doesn't connect to a bottom half in the same way normal anatomy does on account of him being connected to all of his computerized machinery: The middle 'rubber insulation' that covers all of the wires and electronics in his stomach area bend back towards where he is attached to his computer rig. The idea I had that as he is heavily modified his original design back when he was available as an administrative droid, would that he's be attached to a reception or some sort of terminal by this socket. In the many years since his modifications though, he has added his own enhancements and wheels so he can move about on his own. 
The arms are very similar in design to those i made for Sprocket, with the same sort of Armour at the forearms and exposed pistons elsewhere. The main difference however is that his limbs are more streamlined and flow to a point, with needle-like fingers. Bar a few exceptions, the two arms are largely identical and so will just instance them over by using the symmetry modifier, then add any necessary differences after. 

Wheel's were as straight-forward as you'd expect, though I left the tire's separate as I'm not sure which part of the wheels I'm going to animate later during the rigging process. I just focused on the exposed part of his lower half, as the bottom half isn't visible, though I'll probably add some wires and other machinery later on. 

The back end of Steinton's rig is probably the most detailed part, and even though his body is the most important part you see, I still wanted the attention to detail to be as high on the rest of him. It was a lot more work than the previous two characters, as where they would end at the legs Steinton had a lot more complex setup with his rig, with wheels and an extra arm attached.  I created the third arm from scratch as it was more minimal than the previous two, but still bared similar attributes, which is why i carried over the fingers (which also saved a lot of time). 

For the final details for the mesh I added all of the wires and tubes that connected from Steinton's upper body to the rest of his computer rig. I made sure that the large tubes that connected his body to the computer, that kept the mysterious energizing coolant that helped power his high powered RAM in his body, had lots of edge loops in them as I was taking into account that these would need to move about a lot once Steinton is rigged and animated. There was also lots of wiring and tubes within the rear of the open section of his body, that took quite a while to add all of the detail too, even though each one was low poly, I wanted to give an insight into the internal workings of his mechanics by showing this amount of detail. 

Final Mesh for Steinton: Probably took the longest to create out of all of my characters, Steinton is the one I'm most proudest of at this point in that despite the tricky nature of his design, I was able to translate it over into 3D successfully, with the amount of attention to detail he has I was worried I may have had to compromise if a part may not have made the transition but I'm happy that was not the case. 

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