Sunday, 4 May 2014

RUST Final Major Project ~ Texturing Steinton

Same as the previous two characters, began by putting down the base colours on the unwrapped diffuse map first, with an emphasis on old fashioned metal colours like bronze and copper this time round, to highlight the boring background of administration that Steinton was originally built for (and so hints at his original design remain regardless of his many modifications). In between the main body parts of copper and bronze colored steel, areas of black and silver break up the monotony, and as a focal point, all of the wiring and tubing that he uses to connect himself to his computer apparatus is full of a glowing purple energy that really stands out from his other neutral colours. As well as this their are several other areas on his face that also glow in contrasting bright tones, notably his eyes that have a blue aura and several orange nodes that are scatted all over him. I like to think these bright colours act as a sign of his eccentric personality against the rest of his bodywork.

Adding all of the dirt, grime and chipped paintwork helped give his bodywork more detail and character, adding slight rust spreading out from beneath certain panels as his metal texture and coloring wasn't the  same as the previous two characters and so only wanted to show minimal rusting on his bodywork, instead being more splattered with dirt and grime from all the inventive tinkering he gets up to. As well as this, began to mess around with specular and glossy combination maps, to get various parts of his head to stand out from one another. Alps looked at applying transparency as well as a vibrant glow to all of his 'lit' parts, such as his tubes and eyes, which i think gives it a more dynamic effect. Ideally, id like to make these areas maybe have a sort of movement, or throbbing sort of look to them? I'd have to look up the process involved to do so though, and maybe mess around with the ideas once i have Steinton in engine. 

Finished by applying relevant maps to the rest of Steinton's body: various areas needed a bit of tweaking, with values back and forth between teh specular and gloss maps so i got certain areas looking more realistic to their surface values... such as on the tire's, i obviously wanted the grip of the tire itself that stands off the main body of it to be less reflective, and so changed the gloss values of it on its map until i got it exactly how i wanted it. I decided on changing the lower part of Steinton's body color to a darker green/blue color, to add a bit more of a gradient to his body tones, which i think were lacking before. 

Final textured model: I'm fairly happy with how Steinton looks, though their are still some areas on his diffuse that i think still look a little flat, like on his rig behind his body.... i don't know, maybe its because i spent teh longest time working on Steinton out of teh other two, so I've spent a long time looking at him, but I'm finding it hard to put my finger on it. I'll try baking on his ambient occlusion onto his diffuse, like i did with Sprocket (and am going to do with Leo) to try and add soem depth to his textures. 

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