Monday, 27 January 2014

RUST ~Final Major Project~ Research & Daily sketches

A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) -2001, Steven Spielberg
I looked at the film A.I. not really because it was an initial inspiration for RUST but because it was suggested as something to watch as it shared similar ideas and story focuses that my idea for my robot focused one described. Focusing on a distant future in which mankind has been reduced in number due to global warming induced floods, robots have now reached the levels of even becoming emotionally attached to humans, and the story focuses on the creation of a new 'mecha' called David, the first child robot that has the programming inside to learn the ability to love. The journey follows him as he is adopted by parents who's son is in a coma, then his abandonment and the tragedy of him trying to realise what and who he is, and how he can find his 'mother' again. 
I found the tale of David in this film really depressing, and is more of a reflection on society and human nature more than anything. I can see very close similarities though on how it relates to my own project; The abandoned robots seeking to fulfill their purpose, while the human world turns against them. I liked the theme of each robot having their own personality, regardless of it being programmed.... although the stark contrast between this film and what i want to achieve in my own project, is that the robots in this movie are very close to humans in appearance (mostly), while my focus is making the characters of RUST have personalities that doesn't rely on a human appearance to do so. 

I did enjoy A.I. and i will definitely take some aspects from the film and consider them in my own project, especially the worn and dilapidated appearance to a lot of the abandoned robots in the film, to the extent of them bearing really surreal appearances. The focus on a child's journey in this move kind of makes me want to reconsider creating a human child character alongside my droids as part of the plot, but this will all depend on time and weather it will detract from the end goal. 

More robot sketches, as part of my aim to doodle some robot designs each day: trying to look at varying styles, so not all of them will be biped's or humanoid in appearance, but still bear some resemblance of personality through their pose.

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