Friday, 24 January 2014

Vehicle Project: Part 2

Though the main purpose of this project was to learn about using and applying shader's effectively, and looking at how they work with various surface properties, I definitely had a larger focus on the design process of the vehicle itself which is reflected in my final outcome: Despite this, and maybe not allocating more time to shader's as required in the brief I'm still really happy with the final design, as it reflects my strengths in focus on imagineering and inventing out of this world creations.
If this is had been a strictly design and create focused brief I
definitely would have spent more time populating  the environment with more equipment and machinery to bring the whole scene alive. This though maybe detracting from the main focus, would have added that extra element to this final scene and made it seem less empty, the area around the airship itself. At least this way the focus is definitively drawn to the vehicle, and not distracted by anything else. 
Overall this project I found really enjoyable, especially the idea concepting part of it. There are definitely some areas of improvement apart from the ones I've already stated, also little things like implementing shadows, as its something I really noticed after, definitely the main one that should be cast by the airship itself. Also, the way that the orange light shines into the hangar, it was incredibly tricky to get it to work that well on the airship as when I applied that same light to the relevant shaders, no matter how much I adjusted it the light itself would always look weird and not flow correctly, so I did without that effect in the final renders. It would have been a good thing to spend more time on, but Im still pretty happy with the results.      

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