Monday, 27 January 2014

RUST ~Final Major Project~ Research & Daily sketches

WALL-E - 2008. Pixar Animation Studios

This has been on my film list for ages, and thought considering the theme of my FMP i thought now would be a good time to watch this movie. It follows an inquisitive little rubbish disposal robot who is the title's namesake, from his life in isolation on a futuristic abandoned Earth to his pursuit of a new model robot he falls in love with into outer space and humans new world aboard a vessel that has been travelling through space since earth became over polluted over 500 years ago. 
Though primarily focused on WALL-E himself, as the movie progresses you get to see more robot designs each with a purpose to fulfill, but also with a distinct personality reflecting their role; i.e. the cleanup robot, overrides his programming as his cleanliness OCD gets the better of him. It is this characteristics that each robot has that really struck me as something i want to get across in my own project, the designs of the robots themselves are quite simple and i liked the contrast between the smooth body's of those newer droids to the clunky but functional design to Wall-E. Something else that i really honed in on while watching this movie, was the attention to detail in every aspect of Wall-E's design; he looks like something that could be built and function (maybe without the same personality traits), from his eye lenses that he replaces with wires all hanging out, to his retractable arms and head. It's this level of believably i really want to integrate in my own robot designs, to really complement each characters personality.

Another page of robot sketches: again, emphasizing posture, and attitude through body language. Once i have a good range of these sketches, ill develop ones i think are strongest and adapt them into the main character templates for the main characters ill work towards bringing to life. 

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